People Describe Their Most Horrific MAC Counter Experiences

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Vote up the MAC counter experience that makes you want to swear off the store entirely.

Have you had a bad experience at a MAC counter? Numerous makeup junkies all over the world have, and they’ve taken to Reddit to share their horrible MAC store experiences with each other.

While rude salespeople are pretty commonplace, MAC employees have been called out for being snobby and overly aggressive since the ‘90s (when the brand was actually good). But these days, with so many affordable, alternative makeup brands, MAC can’t continue to be so awful to customers. Now, beauty lovers are quick to venture to Sephora or Ulta if they feel mistreated.

These terrible encounters with mean MAC employees might make you think twice about purchasing that new Ruby Woo.

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    You May Be Verbally Insulted, Even If You're A Child

    Redditor weirdobearsam:

    "I was maybe 10 at the time and mom decided to let me go into MAC to buy some concealer, lip liners, etc. Went in, wasn't greeted which at first was fine. I wasn't expecting it or anything. I walked around the store looking for some stuff and saw this really odd sales associate following me. At first I thought she was following me in case I needed help. I wasn't dressed suspiciously or anything, unless you consider a pink hoodie, shorts, and twinkle toes suspicious. So I turned around and at first she tried to act like she wasn't trailing me. I then asked, 'Hey can you help me find some concealers, maybe lip liners too?' And for some ODD reason, I have no idea what set her off but she said in an abrupt, disgusted tone, 'We don't serve n*ggers.' Now keep in mind I'm freaking 10. A little kid for Christ's sake, a little kid in freaking twinkle toes at that. So I asked her what she said because I was absolutely shocked. She said it again, but slower and meaner. So in the nastiest tone I could muster at that age I called her disgusting and walked out to get my mom.

    When my mom and I walked back in, with my dad trailing awkwardly behind... I tried looking for the girl but didn't see her. So we went to the counter and asked for a manager and got her. And this manager was the sweetest person ever, apologized to us after we explained and even gave me a hug saying she would deal with it. So I know it wasn't the entire store, just that one chick.

    A few days later on the last days of our vacation, my mom went in to buy some lipsticks to take back home. When my mom asked to see the racist girl, we were told she didn't work there anymore. At the time I felt bad that we possibly caused her to lose her job, but later in life I lost the sympathy."

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    You Probably Can't Afford MAC Products, So Just Take Your Business Elsewhere

    Redditor shadowsmoked88:

    "I went... to get a few different products. The MAC employee who was helping me, was really nice at first. I picked out about three things, and she was putting them on my face and talking me through the products. When she was finished, I mentioned how much I liked the brushes she had used, and asked if she could pull them for me to purchase also. She looks me up and down and goes, 'Oh, honey, these brushes are expensive. Do you really think you can afford them?' And when I said she could, she kept trying to talk me out of them and the products I wanted because she thought I didn't have enough money. I ended up buying just one brush, and then went across the mall to Sephora and bought some others."

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    The Employees Are More Interested In Putting Makeup On Themselves Than Selling You Products

    Redditor thedictatorscut:

    "I work near Times Square, which means I'm just down the street from both a MAC store and a big Sephora. I've been jonesing to try out a dark lip color lately, so I decided to pop into MAC after work today. I've had disappointing experiences there before, but nothing like this. It took me a solid ten minutes to get a sales associate's attention (and believe me, I'm not shy - they'd literally ignore me when I spoke to them), and, in typical fashion, they were all standing around in little gaggles of three or four, putting on more makeup and gossiping while giving any customer who walked past the evil eye. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Once I finally managed to get a salesgirl's attention, I asked if she could get a certain color of lipstick for me, and she gave me a nasty look before replying, 'Yeah, I don't think we got that one anymore.' 'Well, if it's not too much trouble, could you please just do me a favor and double check?' I asked.

    Multiple sighs and rolls of the eye later, she digs into one of the drawers, and lo and behold, it is in stock. 'Thank you,' I say as she takes me to the register. 'Have a great day.'

    Whatever,' she says as she walks away."

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    Don't Expect MAC Employees To Use Their Manners

    Redditor darkchaosangel:

    "One time I was in the store with maybe three other people. Not a single associate even acknowledged my existence. So I just started browsing the lipsticks. I picked up a lipstick I was interested in, at this point an associate walked over to me, SNATCHED the lipstick out of my hand and told me, 'I need this for a another customer.' I could not honestly believe that she actually grabbed a product out my hands. I was so shocked that I just left and it took me almost six months before I was willing to go back."

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    It's Best Not To Say Hello To Some Associates

    Redditor rlw0312:

    "One time I walked up to the counter, said, 'Hi!' to the associate, and she totally ignored me until I told her what I wanted. After she grabbed what I asked for, my mom asked for a sample of SFF and she let out a loud sigh, put the sample together and basically threw it at my mom and walked away."

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    You Might Have To Wear Heavy Makeup To MAC To Get Attention

    Redditor tofukitties:

    "I went to a MAC store with the intent to figure out my skin tone number and buy something. I'd purposefully worn no foundation that day and only 'no makeup makeup' on my eyes because I figured it would be logical to wear no foundation if you're trying to match and buy foundation.

    The MAC store I went to was mostly definitely not super busy at the time. Some of the employees were chatting with each other behind the counter and there were a few customers being helped. I flagged down an employee, told her what I needed, and she just said, 'Someone will be right with you.'

    So I waited and waited and waited. About 10 minutes passed and I noticed the employee I had asked had finished helping one customer then turned to immediately a customer who had just entered and began helping her. Okay, maybe she forgot. Five minutes later, she went to help someone else who also just entered. I stopped her and repeated my request. She just sighed and said, 'Someone will help you in a bit.'

    Well, turns out a bit was 20 minutes. Another employee ended up 'helping me.' [It] seems helping means listening to my question, pointing me at the foundations, then immediately getting distracted by another customer asking for lipsticks. I waited for lipstick customer to finish but when she was done, the employee said she was on break and would find someone else to help me.

    Fifteen minutes later, still no one. So I left without having had my foundation matched.

    I'd spent about an hour in the not-so-big MAC store and no one was willing to help me at all. No one was openly rude, but I felt a lot of disdain from most of the employees because I wasn't wearing as much makeup as the other customers. Perhaps they thought I wasn't going to buy anything because I wasn't wearing as much makeup. But that would be stupid because how am I going to wear makeup if I don't get the help I need to buy it?"

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