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12 Nightmarish Customers Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Into Dining Establishments Anymore

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Whether you've eaten at a restaurant with an awful customer, or you've had to be the unlucky server or host that deals with one, you'll know that they are some of the most unpleasant people in the world. Entitled eaters, picky patrons, stuck-up slobs... there are plenty of poor diners in the world. Here are some firsthand accounts of Redditors' worst serving experiences that are all too relatable, courtesy of r/TalesFromYourServer.

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    This Family Man Who Tried To Hit On His Server... In Front Of His Family

    Posted by u/J-Weezybaby:

    Don’t hit on your server with your wife and children present.

    This happened a long time ago, but reading an infidelity thread on here made me remember something that happened to me while serving.

    A gentleman came in with his wife and children. They were fairly pleasant with their children but you could feel the tension between them. There wasn’t anything particularly notable throughout serving them except when I brought the check.

    I remember him asking if she had a pen in her purse he could use, and immediately became nervous because often at this establishment our clientele would write awful things about the service or food (even one time I had someone try to deduct something from their tab in pen before giving me payment) so I’m wondering what I did wrong or what had happened since everything seemed to run very smoothly. Meanwhile the wife keeps asking what he’s writing and why she can’t see it. He keeps saying “Nothing” and “Not to worry about it”.

    I collect the checkbook with his card and he wrote on the back of the tab “Text me sometime” followed by his number. I was shocked, and I shared the info with my other servers who all agreed it was disgusting.

    So, I wrote (in a different color than the pen she gave him) “I have a boyfriend.” Ran his card. Left the tab turned so you could see the discourse, and “accidentally” placed the checkbook on the wife’s side of the booth when I returned it.

    She filled out the tip line (it was 20%) and signed. As they left I heard her saying that she was tired of his sh*t and asking why he continued to do these things to her and their children.

    Never saw them again but I hope she left him.

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    This Entitled Karen Who Thought She Owned The Restaurant

    Posted by u/angelee2015:

    Karen screams at another table for “stealing hers” and forces them up.

    So I was scrolling on TikTok and found a story that reminded me of this gem when I was working this summer. At my restaurant we take 30 minute call aheads. Absolutely no reservations. If you're in a large party you need the whole party to be sat, but we are lenient if it’s, say a 13 [table of people] and 10 of the guests are there.

    So I'm working a double and I help at the host stand when I get bored during the slow hours. I remember answering this lady’s call ahead for her 11-13 [table of people] and it was only around 3:50 or so. I told her no problem we will put her name down. We have over half our tables outside and clearly 2 tables specific for larger parties. Only a few minutes go by and it’s a little after 4 when she comes in with her mother and I tell her she’s more than welcome to enjoy a drink at the bar while she waits for her party to arrive. They go to the bar and then seat themselves at one of the large party tables as they're next to each other through our large open slider doors.

    I go over and say the typical, “I’m sorry ma’am but you cannot sit here until your entire party has arrived, it’s policy, but you're again welcome to sit at the bar.”

    She laughs and says, "Oh, sorry" and they move over. So far, no big deal. During this time we start getting lots of calls for call aheads and we have happy hour so the guests start pouring in. I’m one of the servers that will have one of the large party tables in my section so it’s 50/50 I serve her. We end up getting multiple large parties coming in and it’s closer to 5 at this point and she still only has her mom and her at the bar. Our hosts go and seat one of the 2 large party tables a party of 8, for a different server.

    As soon as the other server, we will call her J, goes over and is in the middle of her greet Karen decides to go over and SCREAM at them and J. Saying how dare she serve people at HER table and screaming at the guests that they have to get up, that it’s not their table, and she has a reservation. These poor people actually get up and she immediately seats her and her mom there. J grabs our manager and she refuses to get up as her party members finally started to arrive. J refuses to serve this table and asked us to swap which I do cause I don’t mind difficult guests.

    GM goes over and very plainly tells Karen what she did was wrong and probably spent 15 minutes going back and forth with her. In the end she agrees to pay for a full round of drinks for them. I go over, immediately do my greet, and get their drinks and app orders. GM hands me the bill for the round of drinks from the other party's table and I go over and hand her it. She immediately is red and fuming saying there’s no way a round of drinks for 8 adults costs $130 and states she will only pay $40 worth.

    I just walk away and get GM and say she won’t pay the bill and I keep serving the rest of the guests. One of her friends pulls me aside to ask what is going on and I quickly explain and she’s horrified. Karen does this a lot apparently but promised no drama as it was a special occasion. As I’m at the table talking to Karen’s friend, she cusses out my manager and screams that "how dare he force her to pay". My manager looks her in the eye and says, “It's not my problem you forced other guests up from their table. You will pay this bill and then you will leave or I will call the authorities.” *Insert shocked Pikachu face*. She then demands her beverage and apps so I run over and grab it all To-Go and bring it right back with her bill for her items. Her boyfriend ends up paying for the drinks and my manager stood next to her the entire time and said, “Don’t forget to tip 20% for your atrocious behavior to my staff."

    Y'ALL! [She] ended up leaving 15 minutes after and I got a wonderful tip from her party. But I couldn’t believe the absolute entitlement that she had displayed. Over a fricken table. When there was the exact same table 6 feet away.

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    This Man Who Got Owned By His Own Dad

    Posted by u/ConsciousProgram7339:

    I used to wait tables at IHOP when I graduated high school. It was my first “real” job and I was grateful for the opportunity. I grew to resent that place as time went on but that’s a story for another day. One day I had a family of 6 come in and I was carrying over their drink orders on a tray and accidentally knocked over a glass of water and got the father wet. It was the last glass I had to hand out and I got lucky as the glass never fell off the tray but some (and I mean hardly any) water got on his shoulder while the majority spewed all over the floor. Didn't matter, dude was livid, you would’ve thought I spilled a hot bowl of grits on him. I knew I was at fault and deserved some minor degree of criticism but he wouldn’t let up as I was cleaning up the mess (keep in mind he didn’t once try to clean himself at all because there was so little water on his shoulder) I could tell the rest of his family felt embarrassed and had sympathy for me by the looks on their face. Then grandpa (out of sheer embarrassment of his own son) decides he’s heard enough of him criticizing my ability as a waiter that he grabs his glass of water and then literally throws it on him. Now the dad is actually soaking wet and the previous awkwardness is now broken by all of us laughing at the clumsy grandpa. I didn’t care for the extra mess I was just glad to finally hear the dude shut the f*ck up.

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    These People That Complained Until Their Meal Was Free, And Then Stayed To Brag About It

    Posted by u/tireddoggies:

    I work at a bar/restaurant in a major city. Last night around 11pm, a table of two calls me over and said they had been waiting 30 minutes for service (they had only been there about 10-15). I apologized profusely and explained that it wasn’t my section, but I’d be more than happy to take care of them (even though I was slammed). They both already had drinks that they got from the bar.

    The woman was visibly upset and told me that she had just flew in from Atlanta and needed food immediately, so I take their appetizer order and said I would put it in so they could have a few minutes to look at the menu and have some food in front of them as soon as possible. The woman said yes but then proceeded to look at the menu and wanted me to stay while she did so in the case she found something she wanted. Meanwhile, I have about 6 other tables that are in need of service. This process takes about 10 minutes before I’m even able to put in her appetizer order.

    Finally, when I’m able to put in their orders and make it back to their table with waters, the woman says she doesn’t like her drink. Since the man got the drinks from the bar and not from me, I explain that I’m not able to exchange the drink but the bar can. The man said he would drink the woman’s drink instead, so I take the woman’s new drink order to add to my tab. She said she didn’t want her drink watered down but wanted it on ice, so I bring her drink with an ice sphere instead of regular ice. She wasn’t fond of that. I offer to replace it, she says no. Fine.

    The man ends up taking the woman’s first drink back to the bar and orders another drink (the same one he just brought back) from me. Once I bring it to their table, he says, “I’m not being charged for this, right? I brought the other one back to the bar.” I explain that because there are two different tabs open (his at the bar and theirs with me) I can’t replace the drink, the bar has to do it. Before I even finish my sentence, I decided it wasn’t worth the argument and I would take it up with my manager later. I tell him I’ll figure it out and no he won’t be charged.

    I bring out their app, and the woman and man both complain that the salsa isn’t what they expected. (It’s regular salsa?) They say they wanted chunky salsa, so I beg my kitchen manager to dice up some pico to add to their salsa. When I come out with their food, the woman complains that her literal kid's meal is not made to her expectations. I take it back to my kitchen manager who offers a replacement, but after telling her this she says she “doesn’t want sh*t”.

    I apologize again and grab my floor manager. After 20+ minutes of my manager speaking with them, manager comes back to me and says to comp ALL of their food and just charge for the one drink she ordered from me.

    Because of all the time spent with them, the tips from my other tables were short, and of course I wasn’t tipped a dime from them.

    Best part? Even after they complained about the cost of their drinks (top shelf) they stayed until close and bought shots for other tables, bragging about how they got all of their food for free.

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