The 14 Worst Fictional Therapists in Television History

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Vote up the TV therapists who prove therapy licenses are being handed out on street corners in TV Land.

[Necessary Disclosure: We want to be clear up front. There’s nothing wrong with going to therapy and if you feel like you need to talk to someone, there are a lot of real-life, trained therapists who are capable and ready to help you. We’re about to drag a bunch of fictional therapists for being straight up TRASH, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that therapy can’t be helpful, because it can be.]


Sending a fictional character to therapy makes for some excellent television. It’s a quick and dynamic way for the audience to get a better understanding of a character’s personality and motivations in a way that is more subtle than Tony Soprano turning direct to camera and saying “I have depression as a result of my mother and my crimes!”


Too bad not all TV therapists are known for giving out solid advice. For every realistic portrayal of how a therapist should behave, there are a dozen examples of TV shrinks with boundary issues or even severe mental problems of their own. While this can be forgiven if the bad shrink appears in a sitcom, it becomes really problematic when therapists on television who give bad advice pop up in a serious drama where the audience is meant to take them seriously. On that note, here are some truly horrible therapists from TV shows. Vote up the worst offenders.