The Worst Spellings Of Common Names

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Some parents may take care of their children's basic needs by putting food on the table and making sure the air conditioning works in the summer, but there's something else that determines the quality of maternal and paternal figures: did they pick good names for their offspring? That's what matters. Will the children be able to proudly stand by their names without fearing ridicule from peers or prospective employers? Or did their parents do the absolute worst by choosing to spell their kids' names in ridiculous manners?

Certain parents just love to get creative with the spelling of common names. Instead of naming their precious newborn Kylie (like a normal human), some mothers insist on Khai-Leigh. Name bastardization like this can seriously rupture a child; having to constantly correct people about how they label you is beyond frustrating. 

It's not easy to tell a parent he's making the wrong decision about his kid's name, but if you meet a newborn with a horribly spelled name, it's your responsibility to speak up.

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