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You Can Rock These Totally Fab Killer Cannibal-Inspired Fashions Right Now

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Is your fashion sense daring enough to include clothing that looks like human flesh or other body parts? Just like practically every other odd thing you can imagine, it's possible to acquire human flesh products you can actually wear or otherwise put on display. In most cases, these items are merely designed to look like the real deal, though there are items made of actual human flesh available for purchase for the truly hardcore.

Serial killer Ed Gein provided the inspiration for most of these pieces. Gein made lampshades, clothing, and other oddities out of human flesh. There's also a long history of skin use in binding books, making ritualistic masks, and even providing the material for genetically modified handbags. 

In the words of Jurassic Park's Dr. Ian Malcom, they "were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." Whether these clothing items should ever have been invented will be the eternally unanswerable question, but those looking for quirky and macabre fashion choices have plenty of options. 

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    Ed Gein Skin Skirt Corset - $877

    Are you looking for the perfect thing to wear on a date with a serial killer? This one-of-a-kind Ed Gein Skin Skirt Corset is surprisingly subtle compared to other items in the serial killer clothing line. It does pair well with the Ed Gein Skin Bra for an increased ickiness factor, as shown in the image. 

    Retails for $877. 

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    "Human Leather" Corset - $2,800

    A custom "Human Leather" Corset is perfect for cosplay or lounging around the house on a Sunday afternoon. The detailing includes two horrific faces, along with sharp, dagger like claws. Unlike many faux human leather pieces, this corset uses actual leather, luckily not of the human variety.  

    Retails for $2,800.  

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    Ed Gein Inspired Bowler Hat - $398

    A bowler hat usually provides the perfect finishing piece for a dapper outfit. Despite this, the Ed Gein Inspired Bowler Hat brings a lot of things to mind, but being dapper isn't one of them. Of course, the fake human skin and faces are the perfect complement for human leather shoes and a jacket. 

    Retails for $398.  

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    Ed Gein Backpack - $518

    The Ed Gein Backpack is the perfect accessory for anyone's human skin outfit. Sling it over your shoulder to instantly intimidate and disgust everyone whose path you cross. Multiple human faces complete the overall disturbing appeal of this backpack fit for a serial killer.  

    Retails for $518. 

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