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You Can Rock These Totally Fab Killer Cannibal-Inspired Fashions Right Now

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Is your fashion sense daring enough to include clothing that looks like human flesh or other body parts? Just like practically every other odd thing you can imagine, it's possible to acquire human flesh products you can actually wear or otherwise put on display. In most cases, these items are merely designed to look like the real deal, though there are items made of actual human flesh available for purchase for the truly hardcore.

Serial killer Ed Gein provided the inspiration for most of these pieces. Gein made lampshades, clothing, and other oddities out of human flesh. There's also a long history of skin use in binding books, making ritualistic masks, and even providing the material for genetically modified handbags. 

In the words of Jurassic Park's Dr. Ian Malcom, they "were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." Whether these clothing items should ever have been invented will be the eternally unanswerable question, but those looking for quirky and macabre fashion choices have plenty of options. 

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    Ed Gein Jacket Skin Coat - $1,993

    The Ed Gein Jacket Skin Coat captured a lot of media attention when it first debuted, and with good reason. This so-called fake human leather coat is extremely detailed, which makes it easy to believe for a moment that it actually came from the demented mind of Ed Gein. There are numerous faces stitched into the jacket and its realistic appearance may explain why it quickly disappeared from Etsy as soon as people started talking about it. Now this piece is only available directly from the seller's website.   

    Retails for $1,993. 

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    Ed Gein Inspired Ankle Boots - $438

    The two faces on these Ed Gein Inspired Ankle Boots are realistic enough to make you wonder if they're actually real. They even have eyelashes and there's hair on the back of each boot. Definitely a statement piece... though, that statement might be "It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose." 

    Retails for $438. 

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    Ed Gein Skin Bra - $300

    Women wearing the Ed Gein Skin Bra—designed by Butterfly FX Studios—enjoy the comfort and support that only twin human faces can provide. Of course, as underwear, this human skin clothing won't likely be enjoyed much by the world, but would make for a unique end to a good date that ends up back at their place. 

    Retails for $300.   

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    "Pure Human" Leather Jacket - Price Unknown

    Photo: Pure Human

    Would you wear a jacket made from real human flesh created with your own DNA? That's the concept behind the Pure Human line. Created by fashion student Tina Gorjanc, Pure Human launched with a controversial handbag fashioned out of Alexander McQueen's DNA. Gorjanc takes this idea very seriously and even filed a patent application for the process of making human flesh from DNA for fashion purposes. The "Pure Human" Leather Jacket is the only clothing item in the line so far. 

    The retail price isn't listed. 

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