Horrifying and Morbid Cakes You Can't Look Away From

Picture the scene: it’s your birthday and you walk into a gazebo (rented at a reasonable fee), and your friends bring you what you thought would be a delicious cake with your name on it and a simple happy birthday message. Instead what you find is a beautifully crafted reproduction of a human heart waiting for you to dive in. Even though they haven’t yet replaced the standard birthday cake, morbid cakes are quickly becoming the go-to dessert for goths and other eaters that don’t mind digging through a pile of fondant spiders to find the delicious treasures hidden underneath. Get your barf bags ready because you won’t be able to look away from these horrifying and weird cakes.

As much as these creepy cakes might give you nightmares, they were constructed by some seriously talented bakers. Some of the scary cakes on this list are spectacular works of art that should be shown to the world, but some of them should be locked up in a home for weird and spooky cakes and left to rot. Point is, if you're into gross cakes, this is the list for you.

Photo: Pinterest