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Behind-The-Scenes Horror Stories From Reality TV

Updated 28 Aug 2019 2.6m views13 items

By now, we should all know that reality TV often has little to do with actual reality. That's why it's often considered trashy television. A lot of juicy moments are staged; people act surprised when they have known for a while what's going to happen; and the audition to get on a famous show is often a long and daunting process. If you don't believe it, there's a Reddit thread that totally backs up these claims.

But despite all of this, many reality shows are still unbelievably addictive and incredibly entertaining to watch. Even (and maybe especially) when things go horribly wrong. Episodes of The Bachelor, Survivor, and The Biggest Loser look fairly enjoyable from afar, but contestants often face difficult experiences on set. Plus, the public scrutiny and desire to succeed leave devastating effects on the participants' psyche. 

From contestants being forced to film for long hours to people risking their lives to produce reality shows, these behind-the-scenes stories from reality TV are pretty grim. You won't believe the tales.

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