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Things You Should Never Google Search, Insect Edition

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Insects and other creepy crawlies are already some of the most revolting and feared creatures on the planet. Despite their small size and the fact that many can’t hurt you in any meaningful way, insects make people recoil. That feeling of horror will not be helped by looking at some of the disgusting insect pictures on the internet.

In fact, gross insect images join an illustrious list of things that you should never search for on Google. Only a very particular type of person would willingly seek the most repulsive insect images. These creatures go through some morbidly fascinating life cycles that you are better off just not seeing. However, if you are brave enough to press on then you could be in for a dreadful treat.

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    Human Botfly Infections Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

    Photo: BlueGinkgo / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    The botfly is a particularly nasty fly with parasitic larvae that feed on humans. The eggs are carried by mosquitos or ticks and, while the mosquitos are feeding, the eggs get plunged under the skin of their victims. That's right. You thought the worst thing about getting bit by a mosquito was the itching afterwards? You wish. The worst part is the eggs just hanging out inside your skin.

    Later, the botfly larvae hatch and feed on host flesh. After living under the skin for around eight weeks, the young insects leave the body and move into their adult stage, and if you think they leave your body in an invasive, polite way then you're living in a fantasy world. If you really want to see what a botfly infection looks like, take a look right here

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    Watching A Cockroach Give Birth Is Like Looking At A Horror Movie

    Photo: Bernard DUPONT / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Nobody likes cockroaches. Even though their ability to survive anything has been somewhat exaggerated, they still have a reputation for being gross and unsettling. They look repulsive; they're much too large; and they fear the light, like tiny little devils. No wonder they're unappealing. It's even more nauseating to witness cockroaches give birth. In general, giving birth is a miracle and should be celebrated, except with cockroaches. In a cockroach birth, dozens of white, slimy infants explode out of the back of the female cockroach, spilling forth into the world shrieking "I am here and gross" in unison. The brave among you can observe the process with these images. Warning: it looks like someone popping a pimple made of a bug that is filled with other bugs.

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    Horse Fly Bites Wreak Havoc On Human Flesh

    Photo: Dennis Ray / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5

    The horse fly tends to gravitate toward large animals all over the world. This is because it feeds on the likes of horses and cattle, biting the livestock to release blood. Unfortunately, horse flies also attack humans. Due to their large size and the fact that their bites cut open skin rather than pierce it, these flies can do a significant amount of damage. Although most people will only endure some redness and swelling around the affected areas, other victims have bigger and more painful reactions. If you want to understand exactly how disgusting these bites can be, take a look at these pictures.

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    The Giant Water Bug Carries Dozens Of Eggs On Its Back

    Photo: Ryan Hodnett / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    The giant water bug earned its name fairly; it is one of the largest insects in the world. Capable of reaching four inches in length (which is, we agree, too long), the bug is pretty frightening to behold. Giant water bugs also have a unique way of raising their young. The males of the species carry the eggs on their backs, creating a disgusting looking image that no one should have to look at. It looks like the bug is walking around wearing a shirt made of gooey testicles, except the thing to remember is that each testicle is actually a wet sack full of another bug. 

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