Graveyard Shift

A Russian Fisherman Documented These Strange, Stunning Creatures Of The Deep Sea

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Very few people know what lurks in the deepest parts of the ocean, but one man who does is Roman Fedortsov. For the last few years, this fisherman has reeled in various horrifying deep sea creatures, which he then photographs for the world to gawk at. Depicting everything from strange-looking sharks to nightmarish parasites, Fedorstov's pictures fuel both a fascination and fear of the deep, one of the least explored areas in the world.

To be clear, Fedortsov does not kill these creatures as trophies. Through his work on a Russian fishing trawler, he comes across these terrifying deep sea animals in his nets. He then catalogues each one on Twitter and Instagram, sometimes asking for help with identification. His pictures, some of which depict creatures no one has yet identified, have gone insanely viral. But regardless of their scientific classification, these terrifying undersea animals all qualify as nightmare fuel.