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11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rats That Will Seriously Disturb You

If you weren't already terrified of rats, by the time you’ve finished this post you might be - or maybe it will just make you love them even more. There are a lot of horrifying facts about rats. From their bizarre eating habits to their favorite type of humans to bite (you read that correctly) general rat behaviors are the subject of nightmares for many people. 

And while some of these terrifying rats are, well, terrifying, this post is also for rat lovers. Because rats are rodents that deserve more recognition than they often receive. Did you know there are rats out there who risk their lives to sniff through land mines, identify tuberculosis, and even endure the sorts of outrageous experiments you’ve only read about in comic books? They’re smarter than you might have imagined but not quite as collapsible as you’ve been led to believe.