12 Horrifying Weight Loss Techniques People From History Actually Tried

Every day it seems like there are more weird weight loss trends or insane exercise regimens that claim to be failproof ways to get thin. But these modern schemes are nothing compared to the crazy historical weight loss techniques of yesteryear. From ingesting to parasites to only living off sunlight, people in the past had some truly disturbing weight loss techniques, many of them dangerous.

To be clear, these techniques aren't exactly the same as weird diets where you only eat certain foods, or strangely specific beauty products that claim to create instant glow. The worst of these weight loss regimens range from unusual exercise machines to starvation, and none of them are safely effective. It goes without saying: Don't try these at home. 

Some of these methods are pretty ancient, and others are more recent, but most of these WTF fitness schemes seem completely nuts to the average person. Read on to discover the weird and horrifying ways people have tried to slim down over the years.