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The Most Horrifying Torture Scenes In 'Hostel'

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Like the ingenious murder traps in the Saw franchise, Eli Roth's Hostel and its sequels are dripping with horrific torture visuals that hold a place in the scariest horror movie scenes of all time. Unlike Saw, the worst torture scenes from Hostel movies don't necessarily kill their victims, choosing instead to horribly disfigure or maim them. Somehow that makes them even more grotesque and terrifying to witness. 

Whether it's re-enacting the blood bath of Countess Elizabeth Bathory or practicing surgical skills they never actually trained for, these are the most horrifying and disgusting torture scenes the characters in the Hostel franchise faced. 

  • 1. 'Hostel' - Eye Torture Scene

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    Nobody has an easy time watching eye mutilation. So it's hard to stomach the scene in the first Hostel when Kana has a blowtorch coming right at her iris. It's difficult to imagine the pure pain and agony one would feel while the psychotic American client (Rick Hoffman) takes a flame and uses it to pop their eyeball out of the socket. 

    It's disgusting, life-changing, and more painful because she survives it. Well, she survives it for a while.

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  • 2. 'Hostel Part III' - Cutting The Face Mask

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    There is a lot of creepy to unpack here. The fact that Mike's (Skyler Stone ) face is being cut off by a doctor (Barry Livingston) is right at the top of the list, but he also hears people betting on when he would use the "I have a family" defense on his attacker. 

    The camera shows the hopeful and rapt faces of people watching the torture like a horse race. They bet money on this show and they want to drink in every second of another human's misery. 

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  • 3. 'Hostel Part II' - The Blood Bath

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    Taking a page from the lore of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, this particular scene involves bathing in the blood of an "innocent". Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) is hanging from the ceiling by her feet in order for the blood to rush to her head before Mrs. Bathory (Monika Malacova) teases her skin with a sharp and rusty-looking scythe. Not only has Lorna had to hang for an unknown amount of time - which is painful - she also has to endure the teasing and then slashing of her skin before finally having her throat slit.

    The fact that it was all done for a blood bath fetish is pretty astonishing in its grotesqueness too.  

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  • 4. 'Hostel Part II' - The Cannibal

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    Though eating people in a horror movie is nothing new, most flesh-eaters kill their prey before digging in. This isn't the case in Hostel Part II, as The Italian Cannibal (Ruggero Deodato) takes great pleasure both eating Miroslav (Stanislav Ianevski) and keeping him awake, suffering, and alive for as long as possible to carve fresh delicacies from him.

    Perhaps the most disgusting part of this torture scene is the fact that The Italian Cannibal eats his meals raw and in full sight of the food source.

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