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The Most Horrifying Torture Scenes In 'Hostel'

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Like the ingenious murder traps in the Saw franchise, Eli Roth's Hostel and its sequels are dripping with horrific torture visuals that hold a place in the scariest horror movie scenes of all time. Unlike Saw, the worst torture scenes from Hostel movies don't necessarily kill their victims, choosing instead to horribly disfigure or maim them. Somehow that makes them even more grotesque and terrifying to witness. 

Whether it's re-enacting the blood bath of Countess Elizabeth Bathory or practicing surgical skills they never actually trained for, these are the most horrifying and disgusting torture scenes the characters in the Hostel franchise faced. 

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    'Hostel' - Josh Gets Tortured

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    Waking up strapped to a chair in an unfamiliar room wearing nothing but your underwear and a sack is pretty scary. When the mask comes off, the real horror starts as Josh (Derek Richardson) is tortured by the Dutch businessman (Jan Vlasák) in a myriad of horrible ways.

    A power drill to the chest, severed Achilles tendons, a slit throat, and being forced to listen to a killer whining about being a surgeon are enough to give anyone nightmares for weeks.

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    'Hostel Part II' - Accidental Scalping By Saw And Dog Mauling

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    This scene has two horrifying events in one! Whitney (Bijou Phillips) is strapped to a chair while Todd (Richard Burgi) menaces her with a power saw. After looking away for a moment, Todd accidentally rips a section of Whitney's scalp from her head with the saw before leaving her in pain with a sack over her head.

    Instead of killing his purchased victim, Whitney, Todd leaves her alive in the room, breaking the contract with the Elite Hunting Club. Since no one breaks contracts or grows a conscience in this Club, dogs are dispatched to maul Todd to death in an elevator. 

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    'Hostel Part II' - Stuart Bleeds To Death From His Crotch

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    When Beth (Lauren German) is faced with a choice of dying or killing another human for her freedom, she chooses Stuart (Roger Bart) as an act of vengeance for his earlier torture of her. She gets the last laugh on her terrorizer by slicing off his manhood and feeding it to a guard dog. 

    There is no way an explanation is needed for how utterly horrifying this scene is; the choice Beth had to make to survive and the way Stuart paid the price says everything.

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    'Hostel' - Hall Of Horrors

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    Before Paxton is even added to the list of victims, the torture begins as he enters the Elite Hunting Club's building and walks through its long hall. As he passes each open door, he is subjected to new horrors that serve to unsettle and terrify him before he becomes the victim. 

    Probably most intense is Paxton seeing his friend, Josh, butterflied on a table. 

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