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The Most Flat-Out Horrifying Places And Images You Can Find On Google Street View

Updated 23 Sep 2019 80.0k views11 items

Google Street View takes us to the ends of the earth and back - literally. It brings us to the very top of the Ural Mountains all the way through the bustling streets of Tokyo and down the coastal highways of California. There is hardly a place on this planet that's been left unexplored by one of Google's infamous Street View vans (though the places Google can't go are exceedingly creepy).

Though Google's 360 degree cameras have given us more than our fair share of wanderlust, there are definitely some places the crew has explored that we'd never, ever want to go. The world can be a scary place and Google sets out to document every corner of it. Scary sites on Google Street View show a harrowing reality outside of the comfort of our bedrooms (along with a couple of ghost stories and an unexplained phenomenon or two).

Here are some creepy places you can see on Google Street View.

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