11 Horrifying Childbirth Stories That Will Make You Never Want To Have Kids

It's one of the most beautiful natural processes in the world. Or sometimes it's hell on earth. These horrific labor stories might make you second-guess whether that cute little baby is worth the turmoil in the delivery room. From delivering a baby in a sinking car to almost losing them on the railroad tracks, these are some of the worst stories about childbirth.

But perhaps the most shocking part is how peaceful and even cheerful some of these mothers sound after surviving some the worst labors and deliveries imaginable. Maybe your birth was quick and easy, or maybe your mom could enter her own story onto this list of the worst stories about having a baby the world over. Either way, call your mom and say thank you - and maybe send some flowers.

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  • A Polish Woman Spent 75 Days In Labor - Upside Down

    Joanna Krzysztonek was pregnant with triplets when she went into labor at just 21 weeks. One of the triplets arrived prematurely, and didn’t survive the birth. Worried about the safety of the other two babies, doctors needed to delay the births. So they came up with the radical and innovative medical solution of: tilting her upside down. Yup, Krzysztonek had to lie upside down in a bed tilted at a 30 degree angle for 75 days, never once moving from the position to eat, bathe, or use the bathroom. "The umbilical cord was tied and put back inside her uterus."

    Though she had medication to delay contractions, she was still technically in labor until the second two babies were delivered successfully. Her kids better get her some bomb Mother’s Day gifts.

  • A Cabbie Kicked Out A Pregnant Woman And Left Her To Give Birth On The Street

    When Ana Belis Hernandez knew she was in labor, she hailed a cab in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and headed to the hospital. But then she made the mistake of assuming this cab driver was a normal person, and she told him she was having a baby. Rather than offering his congratulations, the driver kicked Hernandez out of his cab because he didn’t want her “getting blood all over the place.” Oh, and then he drove away, firmly securing his place in hell. Hernandez had to deliver her own baby on the sidewalk, where none of the passing cars stopped to help. Faith in humanity officially lost.

  • A Woman's Uterus Came Out After Her Baby Did

    In 2011, a mother delivered her happy, healthy baby and all was well. Until, minutes later, she also delivered her uterus. Apparently, one of the crazy potential side effects of giving birth is that your organs can just fall out of your body. Doctors first attempted to remedy this rare condition, known as uterine inversion, by pushing her uterus back into her body. In this case, it was not a two-way street, and she had to be rushed into surgery immediately after the birth. So when they tell you “the hard part’s over,” it might be a lie.

    She now maintains a blog, Life After Uterine Inversion, dealing with the condition to help other mothers who gave gone through it.

  • This Guy Attacked His Ex-Girlfriend In The Delivery Room

    This Guy Attacked His Ex-Girlfriend In The Delivery Room
    Photo: Broward County Sheriff's Department

    Who you choose to be in the delivery room is a key part of the childbirth process, and that probably doesn’t include your violent ex. In May 2016, a Miami man was arrested for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s delivery room. Not only did he physically attack her current boyfriend, but he also kicked the woman in the chest before being escorted out by security guards.

  • A Woman Gave Birth In A Sinking Car Following A Crash

    There’s a reason so many babies are born in cabs: driving and labor don’t mix. Florida resident Kenyetta Biggs was driving herself to the hospital when she had a strong contraction and crashed her car into a canal bank. She gave birth while trapped inside the partially submerged car.

    After over an hour had passed, a sheriff’s deputy noticed Biggs’s head poking out through some tall grass by the canal bank. It wasn’t until he was in the car that he noticed the newborn, placenta, and still-attached umbilical cord in the passenger seat. But perhaps the cord worked as a rescue rope of sorts? Other than a broken leg, Biggs and her daughter Myracle escaped unscathed.

  • A Woman Was Allergic To Her Own Hormones - And That Wasn't The Worst Of It

    Sometimes everything goes smoothly, and other times, literally everything that can go wrong does. One poor woman experienced the latter. After enduring a C-section, she was told that her cervix "shattered" and ripped all the way down to her vagina, and that there was a kink in her urethra that needed immediate surgery. Only after going under again did her milk start to come in. At this point, she broke out in hives because she was allergic to her own hormones. Job well done, body.