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15 Horrifying Things Found Inside Walls

Updated September 4, 2019 1.1m views15 items
There are some truly unsettling stories of weird things founds in walls out there. Just try Googling "stuff found in walls" some time, and brace yourself for a rather gnarly trip down the rabbit hole. Or better yet, stick around and read this curated list of some of the creepiest, most horrifying, and downright weird things discovered hidden behind walls.
  • Photo: Tony Thomas / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Mummified Babies

    Numerous instances of mummified infants turning up inside people's walls have been recorded. In one case from July 2007, while renovating a house, contractor Bob Klinghorn discovered the corpse of a baby wrapped in a local Toronto publication dating back to September 1925. The infant appeared to be roughly four months old. 
  • Photo: Nicole Resseguie-Snyder / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Witch's Bottles

    It was once a common practice to store witch's bottles within the walls of one's house to ward off a witch's curse. These bottles typically contained the urine, fingernail clippings, and hair of an individual, as well as nails, brimstone, and a scrap of leather or cloth cut into the shape of a heart with a pin punctured through the middle. The bottles were believed to lure negative energy away from the person and into the bottle instead. While numerous witch's bottles have been unearthed, their seals have almost always been broken, leaving their contents eroded over time. However, in June 2004, a 17th century bottle with its contents still intact was unearthed in Greenwich, London. It was the most complete witch's bottle ever discovered, and it gave tremendous insight into superstitions and practices of the era.

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    Mummified Cats

    Far more morbid practices than witch's bottles were implemented during the 17th century to protect homes from evil spirits. Namely, some builders would seal a live cat into the walls of a home, perhaps because of the feline's association with witches.

    One such notable discovery occurred in December 2011, when construction workers came upon the unfortunate kitty while performing routine maintenance on Pendle Hill in Lancashire - a spot, incidentally, notorious for its witchcraft-related happenings. 

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    Hidden Cameras

    Imagine you're living in a nice rental house in a suburban neighborhood with your significant other. Everything's going great, until you see a warning about your landlord on a rental forum site, alerting potential tenants that he's been known to secretly monitor intimate moments via hidden cameras. You search your home, and discover there is not one, not two, but multiple cameras hidden within the walls, light fixtures and smoke detectors, and that furthermore all these devices are connected to a shed near your house that only your landlord can access.

    That's exactly what happened to a couple in Sydney, Australia in April 2016. Their landlord, Masaaki Imaeda, had set up his shed as a personal entertainment cave. He had a leather recliner, a footrest, and a television, where he watched the couple shower, get dressed, have sex—you name it. When they made this horrifying discovery, the couple alerted authorities and promptly arrested Imaeda. The property owner "pleaded guilty to multiple charges of using an optical device without consent and observing a person in private without consent to obtain sexual arousal," according to Candace Sutton of

    Imaeda was sentenced to 17 months in prison for his crimes.