The Most Disgusting Tapeworm Horror Stories

Warning: These stories are not for the faint of heart. 

If you don't know anything tapeworms, you might not be ready for these horrifying parasite stories that will make you squirm in your seat. Tapeworms exist for only one reason - to terrorize their hosts in the grossest ways possible. The worms live inside the intestines of other animals, draining hosts of essential nutrients before food can be digested. Some species can be harmful to humans, even deadly in certain instances. 

A tapeworm infection comes with a variety of symptoms. Victims experience some abdominal pain, diarrhea, stomach bulging, loss of weight, and increased hunger. Those symptoms just barely scratch the surface, however. Some people who ingest tapeworms are lucky if they remain conscience.

  • A Mother Fed Her Daughter Tapeworm Eggs To Help Her Win A Beauty Pageant

    Weight loss can be a symptom of tapeworm infection. That's why one deranged mother thought it was a good idea to feed her daughter a serving of tapeworm eggs. Trying to give her daughter a competitive edge for an upcoming beauty pageant, the woman secretly fed her child pills with tapeworm eggs inside. 

    The eggs eventually hatched, but the worms left the girl bloated and in pain. She was taken to the hospital, and the staff thought she was pregnant at first. The girl darted to the bathroom and ended up filling a toilet bowl with wriggling tapeworms. At this point, the mother came clean about what she had done, shocking both her child and the hospital employees.

  • Doctors Removed Eight Tapeworm Eggs From A Woman's Brain

    Tapeworms are usually confined to the intestines. However, they can end up pretty much anywhere in the body, including the brain. A Texas woman was experiencing painful headaches, completely unaware that eight tapeworm eggs were lodged in her brain. Doctors believed she acquired them after eating infected food during a family vacation to Mexico.

    The eggs likely traveled through her blood supply and landed in her brain. Doctors removed the egg sacs, though, and the woman made a full recovery. 

  • Man Pulls A Long Tapeworm Out Of His Own Butt

    There are a few ways to contract tapeworm infections, and one of the most common ways is to eat raw meat. This is bad news for sushi lovers. One California man learned this the hard way. He ate raw salmon almost every day for months, and he ended up with a nearly six-foot-long tapeworm.

    While suffering through some severe and bloody diarrhea, the man noticed something unnatural happening to his body. He investigated and eventually pulled the massive worm from his body, right there at the toilet. He wrapped the worm around a toilet paper roll and immediately took it to a hospital. 

  • A Woman Pulled Multiple Tapeworms From Her Throat Moments After Giving Birth

    While people like to romanticize the miracle of childbirth, it can be immensely difficult to endure. One woman's labor was even more startling, as more than one living thing was pulled from her body. After a successful cesarean, the new mother felt an uncomfortable burning sensation in her throat.

    She vomited, reached into her throat, and pulled a four-foot tapeworm from her own mouth. About five minutes later, the woman pulled out a second, smaller tapeworm. She and the baby were both fine, but the woman suspected that the worm could have come from some pork she had eaten. 

  • Indian Doctors Pulled Six Feet Of Tapeworm Out Of A Man's Mouth

    Tapeworm extraction can be extremely uncomfortable, even with access to modern medicine. Medical professionals removed a six-foot pork tapeworm from an Indian man's mouth, and the experience did not look pleasant. The procedure took over an hour to complete due to the the incredible length of the worm. The man first suspected something after experiencing two months of stomach pains, and the worm compromised his entire digestive tract.

  • A Man With No Symptoms Excreted A Nine-Foot Tapeworm

    Sometimes, victims can't even detect the tapeworm infection. You could have a massive tapeworm inside of you and never feel a bit of pain, as one man from Singapore discovered. The impressive nine-foot tapeworm was much taller than its host, who had no idea he was infected.

    In order for doctors to get a picture of the specimen, the worm was folded 18 times. Judging by the type of tapeworm, doctors concluded that the man was probably infected by eating tainted fish.