23 Horrifying Pieces Of Taxidermy That Actually Exist

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There's nothing quite like pictures of cute animals, and not much else tops stuffed animals. Intertwine the two and you get taxidermy, which takes both concepts and makes them better. Sometimes.

We've all seen photos of bad taxidermy or taxidermy gone wrong. Those unnaturally awful cases mostly stem from poor craftsmanship or extreme age. In a side realm of the craft, there exists creepy taxidermy that isn't so much bad as it is eerie and weird.

This list highlights a few pieces of awkwardly terrifying taxidermy and taxidermy that took things a bit too far. 

Photo: flickr / CC0

  • 1. Read Me A Bedtime Story?

    Read Me A Bedtime Story?
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,427 votes
  • 2. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,283 votes
  • 3. I Am Scared

    I Am Scared
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,190 votes
  • 4. Somebunny To Make You Uncomfortable

    Somebunny To Make You Uncomfortable
    Photo: Pinterest
    997 votes
  • 5. Little Doll, Big Nightmare

    Little Doll, Big Nightmare
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,043 votes
  • 6. Why?

    Photo: Pinterest
    1,033 votes