YouTube Is An Evil Hellscape Of Content That's Hurting Children

When YouTube launched in 2005, it was an exciting time for the still-wild west of the internet, and the platform created easy access for creative types and video makers on the forefront of what is now a multimillion dollar industry. But as great as YouTube is, there is always a dark side to platforms that have very little restriction and a whole lot of access. Very specific controversies surrounding some of YouTube's biggest stars like Logan Paul and PewDiePie have proven this. From questionable advertising policies, to users taking advantage of exploitative rules, to the whole Logan Paul debacle, and beyond — the waters are muddy in the world of YouTube. Who are most at risk? Children. Who uses the internet the most? Children.

YouTube has created an entirely new frontier of worry for parents around the globe, but it's a worry that perhaps isn't being taken seriously enough. It's easy to laugh off the conspiracies of exploiting children on the deep web, but you don't have to search too hard to literally find anything on YouTube.

The YouTube community guidelines talk about how strict the site is with sexually explicit, dangerous and hateful content, but how is that being monitored when 400 hours of content are uploaded every minute? Sure, 100% accuracy is hard to come by, but the worst things about YouTube are very worrying. YouTube has said it will a tougher stance against offensive content and exploitation of children, but is it too late?