28 Easy-To-Miss Horror Movie Easter Eggs

Everyone loves Easter eggs. No, not the pastel-colored creations you hide around the yard for kids at Easter, but the hidden references in films that are inserted by directors to pay homage and give a little wink to the audience. In the horror film genre, some of the scariest and most memorable movies are made by people who are very reverent of horror movie history. This is why you'll probably find more Easter eggs in horror movies than any other movie genre. What are the best horror film Easter eggs? Now's your chance to vote!

So lets take a walk down memory lane (aka Elm Street) and see how many of these horrific Easter eggs you've noticed in fright flicks over the years. Does Dr. Loomis's name ring a bell in Halloween? Do you swear you've seen that Evil Dead Oldsmobile in more than one movie? Was that really Simon Pegg as a zombie in Land of the Dead? The answers may surprise you, and some of these are hidden in plain sight for the die-hard fan to spot.

What are you waiting for? You might as well investigate a strange noise outside or say "I'll be right back" and seal your fate. Don't hesitate and vote up your favorite Easter eggs and horror film hidden features below!