Unspeakable Crimes This Horror Film Exposed A Ruthless Killer  

Rebecca High

What happens when you create a proxy for your dark fantasies, and you like the proxy so well you decide to fully make it come to life? That's what happened in this chilling video, when amateur Canadian filmmaker James Twitchell wrote and directed a low-budget horror film called House of Cards in 2008. The movie premises a man luring another man into a "kill room" to murder him.

Weeks later, the filmmaker recreated his own horror film scene in real life, luring a 38-year-old man named Johnny Altinger into his garage where he slaughtered him.

Twitchell actually denies the allegations, saying he killed Altinger in self-defense, and although he's serving a life sentence in prison, he's also lobbying to regain thousands of hours of footage seized by the police so that he can one day finish his film.

This chilling video is a strange look at a deranged person who crafted his fantasies, then played them out in real life.