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Horror Movies About Artists And The Art World

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With Dan Gilroy's Velvet Buzzsaw in select theaters and on Netflix, it's a good time to think about other scary movies involving the art world. Not to be confused with art-horror - one of the terms used to describe horror films made with arthouse techniques or aspirations - tons of creepy movies have something to do with art. 

The obsessions and frustrations that go hand-in-glove with creativity often give rise to monstrous visions. Obsessed artists and haunted paintings are staples of ghost stories going back about as long as people have been telling them, which means there have been plenty of horror films about artists.

Classic horror has found ample material in artforms of all kinds. Suspiria and Black Swan tackle the pressures of ballet, Berberian Sound Studio follows a Foley artist working on a bloody Italian horror flick, and Stephen King's filmography is populated with countless frustrated writers. However, since film is an optic medium, the best horror movies about art usually involve visual crafts like painting and sculpture. From tales of artists who work with bodily fluids to the story of a woman who uses minituare models to cope with grief, scary movies about art prove even beautiful things can sometimes be too scary to watch. 

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