Horror Movie Monsters And Maniacs: Remakes Vs. Originals - Which Are The Best? Which Are The Worst?

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Vote up the best makeovers to horror movie icons, vote down the unnecessary updates.

The first rule of Hollywood: If at first you succeed, try, try again...

Every few years, horror movie classics, movie monsters, and masked maniacs have gotten makeovers for the big screens. Some have improved on the classic movie makeup, while others attempted to use modern tech to bring these baddies into the modern age...whether fans like it or not.

From cannibals with power tools to infected folks in high rises, these horror movie icons were recently refreshed and given a modern-day makeover. Here is a comparison of modern movie icons from the original to the remakes. Vote up the best revisions and vote down the redos that need a redo.


(Is there a movie monster missing? Check out the first list and see if the MIA maniac is over there...)