Details Most People Didn’t Notice In The Background Of Horror Movies, Ranked

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It takes a keen eye to pick up on all the little details in a good film. That's especially true of horror films, as the dim lighting and constant suspense can throw even the most astute viewer off their game. The horror genre is also known to be pretty self-referential at times, and loads of filmmakers like to hide subtle Easter eggs, celebrity cameos, and plot points right under our noses - and sometimes even in the movies' promotional posters

Some of these movies, such as A Quiet Place, can be watched a dozen times without the viewer ever picking up on some of the hidden details layered into the film. Sometimes, it's just a small tribute to another classic horror film, and other times, there are significant plot mysteries answered in the most low-key ways imaginable. Keep an eye out the next time you watch any of these movies, because you might notice something that you've never seen before.

Photo: A Quiet Place/Paramount Pictures