12+ Horror Movie Fan Theories That Make Your Favorites Even Scarier

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Horror fans love to theorize about how their favorite films are connected. Whether they’re discussing the minutia of the Stephen King universe, or if the first two Halloween films have anything to do with the latter movies in the series, the creatively spooky are always down to pontificate theories about classic horror films. These theories range from ideas that make complete sense, to stuff that’s admittedly kind of out there.

The most believable horror movie theories take your preexisting questions about films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Saw and offer solutions that may or may not be provable. Even if these horror movie fan theories aren’t actually what the films' creators had in mind, they’ll definitely get your brain box ticking.

Have you ever wondered how Freddy got so powerful in the Elm Street films? Are you still trying to figure out what happened in The Blair Witch Project? Well, these horror fans just might provide the answers you're looking for.