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Remembering The Films That Plunged Classic Horror Franchises Into Irredeemable Stupidity

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For horror fans, there’s nothing more painful than sitting through a terrible entry in a once-beloved franchise. Whether the film is basically just a montage of inane tropes, or a sloppy remake no one was asking for, these horror movie franchise fails can be the machete chop that ends the life of a good series.

Some horror movies just don’t need sequels, but their wild popularity inevitably brings about follow-ups and remakes inevitably bound to dilute the integrity of the original. Bad horror movies can ruin once-terrifying series, to the point where the original films no longer feel scary.

To make matters worse, completionist fans are forced to sit through a never-ending parade of stupid horror films, just because they love the first entry. With any luck, fans of the cinematic occult will one day rise up and reject the worst horror film remakes, but until then, the world will continue to be subjected to more horrible Friday the 13th sequels. 

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