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Which Horror Movie Franchises Deserve More Attention Than They Get?

Updated 18 Dec 2017 5.2k votes 690 voters 11.7k views16 items

List RulesWhich lesser-known franchises are worth a first, second, or third watch?

We all know about the big-name, big-budget horror movie franchises. There have been incredible scary movie remakes that we're more-than-familiar with and even horror movie heroes that pop up again and again to defeat the same villain. We know those brave guys and gals, too. If it's popular and even remotely related to blood, guts, and gore, horror movie buffs can tell you all about it.

What about the lesser-known horror movie franchises, though? How many fans can spout off facts and statistics about obscure trilogies like V/H/S or Cube? Ranker wanted to know. We polled scary movie fanatics everywhere to find out which franchises warrant a little more acclaim. The answers are a real treat if you've got a few free hours to view them during the coming weekend. We don't recommend that you eat a tub of cookie dough ice cream and popcorn like you would if you were binge-watching any other stellar movie franchises (the squirting blood might put you off your appetite) but you'll enjoy watching these esoteric movies just the same. 

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