Plot Holes That'll Ruin Your Favorite Horror Movies

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Vote up the plot holes that ruin these films the most.

We love scary movies and the rush of watching characters go through hell on-screen from the safety of our seats. A lot of horror movies have fantastical elements and require a suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed, otherwise we wouldn't accept the existence of demons, zombies, unstoppable killers and magical puzzle boxes that open the gates of Hell. But even with their outrageous plots, horror movies still have to make logical sense and follow the rules they lay down or they lose credibility.

Did you ever wonder how Michael Myers learned how to drive in Halloween? Or why Ash seems to have no memory of Evil Dead in Evil Dead II? Here's some more plot puzzles for you: Can Kevin Bacon teleport at the end of Hollow ManWhy does A Nightmare on Elm Street seem to take place in Los Angeles only to be referred to as Springwood, Ohio in later sequels? Can you explain where that egg came from at the beginning of Alien 3? We can't either.

Browse through these petrifying plot holes from horror movies and vote up the ones that you think almost ruin the movie for you. Which ones are just scary bad? Vote now!