Graveyard Shift Plot Holes That'll Ruin Your Favorite Horror Movies  

Robert DeSalvo
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We love scary movies and the rush of watching characters go through hell on-screen from the safety of our seats. A lot of horror movies have fantastical elements and require a suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed, otherwise we wouldn't accept the existence of demons, zombies, unstoppable killers and magical puzzle boxes that open the gates of Hell. But even with their outrageous plots, horror movies still have to make logical sense and follow the rules they lay down or they lose credibility.

Did you ever wonder how Michael Myers learned how to drive in Halloween? Or why Ash seems to have no memory of Evil Dead in Evil Dead II? Or why does A Nightmare on Elm Street seem to take place in Los Angeles only to be referred to as Springwood, Ohio in later sequels? Can you explain where that egg came from at the beginning of Alien 3? We can't either.

Browse through these petrifying plot holes from horror movies and vote up the ones that you think almost ruin the movie for you. Which ones are just scary bad? Vote now!
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Jason Is Afraid of Water in Freddy vs. Jason
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While the two horror titans battle it out in Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy learns that Jason is supposedly afraid of water since he drowned as a child. While it's true that Jason did drown in Crystal Lake, almost every Friday the 13th movie shows him quite at home in the water hunting horny teens. Why would the big guy suddenly be scared of it?
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That iPhone Throws Off the Timeline in Texas Chainsaw 3D
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2013's Texas Chainsaw 3D is supposed to be a direct sequel to 1973's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the sequel, which picks up right after the first movie ends, a baby is rescued from the cannibalistic house of horrors. Years later, Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario) returns to Texas to claim property she inherited from a relative she didn't know she had. It turns out that she's that baby from the beginning as well as Leatherface's cousin.

That's fine, but Heather appears to be in her twenties, so if the movie follows the timeline of the first film, it should be set in the '90s. And yet, during one scene, a cop uses an iPhone when he creeps around a house looking for Leatherface. Since the iPhone certainly wasn't around in the '90s, that either means it travels back in time or we're supposed to believe Heather is the most supple-looking 40-year-old on Earth who hangs around with people half her age.
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Michael Myers Had a Mask for Every Occasion in Halloween H20
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Although Halloween H20: 20 Years Later gave us a long-overdue confrontation between Michael Myers and sister Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the makers really messed up the mask situation. Michael's mask is different in almost every scene, with one scene even featuring a CG mask because they couldn't get it right. 
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That Cabin Curtain Must Have Been Soundproof in World War Z
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When Gerry (Brad Pitt) pulls back the cabin curtain on the plane in World War Z, he sees that the zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout the cabin and that everyone is screaming. So are we to believe that the curtain prevented everyone in first class from hearing the horrific screams in the back of the plane? We know that decent drinks or food don't pass between cabins, but sound kind of has to.
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