Horror Movie Posters That Spoiled The Movie

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For film fans and movie aficionados looking for a unblemished movie experience, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers. From film reviews to YouTube videos, it seems pop culture is plotting against movie fans to reveal every twist and turn. And sometimes, this even happens before the film is even released, as posters and promotional materials attempt to sell a movie by revealing the best moments, which usually occur at the end of the film. 

In these horror movie posters, the endings of the movies are proudly on display for all the world to see with little or no regard for those attempting to shield themselves from spoilers. While some are not so obvious at first, others are blatant in their attempt to spoil a perfectly good ending for the sake of marketing material. 

Here is a small sampling of horror movie posters that make use of a film's final moments and hidden twists. Vote up the horror movies that tease a bit too much.

And needless to say, there are spoilers ahead, so be wary.

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    Thanks to the poster, we know exactly what will happen if we take Carrie White to the prom. 

  • The iconic image of Jack Torrance peering through the door he hacked with his ax is a scene that doesn't occur until near end of the film. The poster reveals Jack's mental state and his family's terror.  

  • Since Michelle doesn't escape Howard's fallout shelter until the very end of the film, the poster lets audiences know that she both escapes and faces the aliens.

  • The film's ending is proudly on display in the poster art.