The Best Horror Movie Synth Scores

Unlike many other genres of film, horror movie soundtracks play as important a role to the storytelling as the dialogue. The music tells you when to watch out for the killer, or when some is RIGHT BEHIND YOU! Many composers have made many different horror scores, but synthesizer music has helped change and shape the genre. The best horror synth scores either create something completely new, or they turn the conventions of film music on its head. Obviously, John Carpenter’s influence weighs heavy in the world of synthesizer-based horror music, but he doesn't stand alone.Many composers have spent years honing their craft to perfect creepy moments in film.

Film scores like those of Halloween, and Suspiria have gone on to have a life outside of the films that gave them birth, but they’re never better than when you’re hearing them pumped through the speakers of your local theater as a waft of fake fog blows across the screen and a terrified young woman brandishes a machete in the middle of an empty street. The scores listed here aren't just “the best.” They’ve managed to transcend the realm of non-diagetic music and effect the culture in terrifying ways.

What are some of your favorite synth based horror film scores? Did we miss out on something that you believe truly defines the genre? If so, tell us about it in the comments.