Horror Movie Set-Ups You'd Least Like to Be Trapped In

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List of the horror movie set-ups you’d least like to be trapped in, as ranked by horror movie fans. The scariest part of most horror movies is not the jump scares or the demonic mask of the creepy serial killer.The real most terrifying aspect of any given horror movie is imagining yourself stuck in that setting and situation. A haunted house run by a maniacal butler is never scarier than when you’re visualizing yourself within those ghostly walls. Would you be able to survive a crazy serial killer with a chain saw that never seems to run out of juice? Will you be able to be smarter than the dozens of characters who get an ax to the head?

This list of horror movie premises you want no part of covers the top horror movies you would not want to be stuck in, even in your wildest nightmare. These movies have inescapable villains- from a disturbing dead girl stuck in a video tape to death himself- making it far less likely that you’d survive within that horror movie universe.

What horror movie set-ups would you least like to be stuck in? This list features scenarios like serial killer toys to walking, flesh-eating dead folks, none of which you would ever want to meet face-to-face. If your favorite horror movie premise isn't on the list, make sure to add it.

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