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Frightfully Ghoulish Horror Movie Tattoos

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Horror fans are a creative and passionate group, and it especially shows in their tattoos. With an almost infinite number of horror films out there to choose from, there is no shortage of awesome horror inspired ink. Whether you love atmospheric silent films, foreign films, cerebral thrillers, the amazingly ridiculous, or a good old fashioned gore fest, there is something out there for everyone, even the romantic at heart. These horror movie tattoos show that horror fans have a lot more than just great taste in films. 

Whether you are a die hard horror fan or just appreciate creative and beautiful tattoos, these awesome horror tats will definitely impress you. Everything from Oscar winners to timeless classics to goofy B-movies can make for the kind of incredible tattoo you can't help but want. If you are thinking of commemorating one of your favorite horror movie villains, directors, writers, or moments in ink, take a look at this truly killer compilation of some of the best horror tattoos on the Internet.