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Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Horror Movie Villain Would You Be?

Have you ever looked at your horoscope and noticed some creepy zodiac sign traits? Or have you read something about yourself while checking out your sign and noticed that you share similar traits to Leatherface? This might sound crazy, but there are definitely horror movie villains for each zodiac sign. Horror film villain astrology provides an in-depth look into some of the creepiest characters from film history, and it kind of explains why they act the way they do.

When you look at each horror movie villain zodiac sign, you’ll realize how well the astrological chart describes everyone, even the villains from some of the most terrifying horror films ever made. They may even give some insight into the dark and twisted aspects of your own zodiac personality. Instead of describing yourself as a Leo with a Scorpio moon, you may soon begin to describe yourself as a “Myers on the cusp of The Leprechaun.”