The Most Terrifying Figures In Horror With The Lowest Kill Counts

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Horror movie villains like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are often remembered for their high body counts in addition to being utterly terrifying. That said, some of the most infamous villains in the horror genre have surprisingly low kill counts to their credit. A few don't even commit murder but still manage to keep everyone up at night. If you judge villains based solely on their body count, does that mean Samara from The Ring is scarier than Frankenstein's monster? Hmm.

This list features infamous villains in horror movie history who happen to have the lowest body counts. The numbers might surprise you, but that doesn't make these characters any less formidable. Vote up the ones you think could have tried just a little harder at their job.

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    Photo: Alien / 20th Century Fox

    Movie: Alien

    Body Count: 5

    Xenomorph manages to wipe out nearly the entire crew of the Nostromo before being slain by Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who narrowly escapes termination herself. Xenomorph doesn't get its last kill in, but you probably have the image of it bursting through Kane's (John Hurt) chest permanently burned into your memories. At least it wasn't able to take out Jones the cat.

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    Bruce the Shark
    Photo: Jaws / Universal Pictures

    Movie: Jaws

    Body Count: 5

    Despite making generations of beachgoers afraid of getting in the water, Bruce the Shark racks up only one off-screen kill and four on-screen in Jaws. Although his body count isn't in the dozens as some might assume, he does wreak havoc on idyllic Amity Island, and his reign of terror is stopped only by an exploding scuba tank.

  • Lord of Darkness
    Photo: Legend / Universal Pictures

    Movie: Legend

    Body Count: 0

    Even though he's the son of Satan, the Lord of Darkness never completes a kill in the film Legend. However, he does go to great lengths to bring about the apocalypse. The fact that his fate is never truly known also makes him a rather mysterious villain.

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    Photo: Trick 'r Treat / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Movie: Trick 'r Treat

    Body Count: 1

    Sam is the villain everyone loves to hate as he goes about enforcing the rules of Halloween in a sometimes deadly manner. For instance, Sam murders Emma by slitting her throat with a lollipop after she breaks three important Halloween rules. He does allow four people to be eaten by zombies, but it's up for debate whether those add to his body count.