Graveyard Shift Horror Movie Villains with High Kill Counts  

Chris Abraham
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We all (occasionally) enjoy watching people get slain in horror films, but we seldom think of the villain's overall kill counts. If you had to guess, which horror movie monster would you say has killed the most people in their movies? Is it Freddy? Jason? Michael Myers? Luckily for you, we've listed your favorite horror characters from the most slayings to the least, with compilation videos to back up the numbers.

Count down the scariest horror movie villains as we chronicle their every hack, slash, stab, and more. Check out other great lists on Ranker as well, like the Best Horror Movies of All Time, or the Creepiest Kids in Horror Movies.

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Series: Jaws
Years: 1975-1987

We're going to need a bigger boat. Jaws has the fewest passings on this list, but probably had the biggest impact on people who saw the film. Who wasn't scared of swimming in the ocean after seeing Jaws for the first time? Freddy Krueger will never really get us in our dreams, but sharks are real.

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Series: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Years: 1974-2017

What is it about the sound of a chainsaw revving that is so terrifying? If you've ever seen any of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, the sound of that rattling chain will trigger you every time you hear it in real life. The latest horror flick in the franchise was 2017's Leatherface, which explained how the titular character transformed into a power tool-wielding monster.

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Series: Scream
Years: 1996-2011

If you're a '90s kid, Scream is probably the series that defined your childhood horror experience. Ghostface is actually a pretty plain slayer. He's not from hell, he doesn't have special abilities, and he doesn't take out his victims with chainsaws. However, what he lacks in style he makes up for with persistence. There's 34 characters who can attest to that.

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Series: A Nightmare On Elm Street
Years: 1984-2010

We wonder how many people tried not to go to sleep after A Nightmare on Elm Street debuted in 1984. Freddy's gimmick is that he slays you while you're sleeping, turning your dreams into nightmares. He is known for having claws for fingertips, which he uses to slash through the flesh of his victims. 

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