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We all (occasionally) enjoy watching people being murdered in horror films, but we seldom think of the villain's overall kill counts. If you had to guess, which horror movie monster would you say has killed the most people in their movies? Is it Freddy? Jason? Myers? Luckily for you we've listed your favorite horror characters from the most kills to the least, with kill compilation videos to back up the numbers.

Count down the scariest horror movie villains as we chronicle their every hack, slash, stab, and more. Check out other great lists on Ranker as well, like the Best Horror Movies of All Time, or the Creepiest Kids in Horror Movies.


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Series: Jaws
Years: 1975-1987

We're gonna need a bigger boat. Jaws has the fewest kills on this list, but probably had the biggest impact on people who saw the film. I mean, who wasn't scared of swimming in the ocean after seeing Jaws for the first time? Freddy Krueger will never really kill us in our dreams, but sharks are real, dammit.

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Series: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Years: 1974-2006

What is it about the sound of a chainsaw revving that is so terrifying? If you've ever seen any of the Texas Chiainsaw Massacre movies, the sound of that rattling chain will trigger you every time you hear it in real life. Leatherface earned his last 5 kills in the most recent movie in the series, Texas Chainsaw 3D. Although the film was an abomination, there were at least a few satisfying chainsaw murders.

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Series: Scream
Years: 1996-2011

If you're a 90s kid, Scream is probably the series that defined your childhood horror experience. Ghostface is actually a pretty plain killer - he's not from Hell, he doesn't have special abilities, and he doesn't kill people with chainsaws. However, what he lacks in style, he makes up for with persistence. I know 34 people who can attest to that.  

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Series: Child's Play
Years: 1988-2004

Chucky may not be big in size, but he still knows how to get the job done. He is more of a mischievous killer, as he does things like poison and electrocute his victims. In Child's Play 3, he even replaces paint ammo with real ammunition, causing cadets to kill each other during their annual war games. Although Chucky likes to get creative, it doesn't mean he doesn't also enjoy slashing victims to death with his knife.

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