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Pretty Good Horror Movies That (Literally) Get Under Your Skin

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List RulesVote up the movies that are absolutely skin-crawling due to actual crawling under skin.

Horror movies can strike fear in the hearts of viewers with hulking abominations shadowing innocent teens or phantoms haunting idealistic families in a new home, but sometimes turning to our deeper, most primal fears can lead to a horror movie that really makes our skin crawl - literally because of creatures crawling under skin.

Body horror is a genre all to itself and seriously not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Turning to the universal, gut-wrenching fear of something living inside your flesh, body horror flicks often forgo the usual horror tropes to deliver a punch right to your subconscious.

There are the renowned skin-crawling films like Alien and The Thing, then there are pretty good horror movies with scenes pulled directly out of your nightmares. From worm-like alien parasites ambushing people relaxing in baths to carnivorous bugs burrowing into our limbs to snake-like tendrils writhing around under our skin, these films will likely give you goosebumps, and maybe even make you a bit queasy. 

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