20 Movies To Show Your Kids To Get Them Into Horror

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Vote up the classic films appropriate for kids and teens that will teach them to love and respect horror movies.

It's perfectly natural to want to share your interests with your kids, but what if you're a horror buff with a stockpile of Hitchcock, Craven, Carpenter, and Cronenberg sitting in your DVD shelf or filling your digital library? While something like The Exorcist is a venerable classic of the horror genre, its graphic violence and language make it inappropriate for young children. That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't plenty of classic horror movies appropriate for kids as thier first scary movies. You can consider these films horror movies for beginners. When the days of Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus have passed, and your kids are craving something a little more substantial, these films strike a middle ground. They're intellectually meaty movies that play on deep-seated psychological fears, but do so without an overemphasis on violence or foul language. 

When it comes to finding horror movies for teens or tweens, go for good and subtly scary films. The Others is a frightening film about a haunted cabin deep in the woods, but it's a quiet, slow movie without too much violence. While there's some questionable language in The Sixth Sense, the film's focus on the importance of parent/child communication make it a great film to start a dialogue with your own kids. These are just a few classic horror films without bad language kids can watch without getting too, too terrified, and that adults can enjoy as well. 

Remember to use your discretion. Only you can know for sure what will and will not upset your child, but browse this list for some suggestions. Then, make sure to cast your vote for the best movies to get kids into the genre! 

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