Cool Little Details From Horror Movies That Made Us Say, 'Whoa'

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Small details, interesting trivia, and well-crafted moments within movies help add to a movie's experience, even if they go unnoticed the first time. In these horror films, fans point out small but interesting bits of details and information that were discovered later. Vote up the coolest tidbits. 


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    Posted by Redditor u/RockabillyOx:

    In Halloween (2018), a scar is visible on Michael Myers's neck from when Laurie Strode stabbed him with a knitting needle 40 years before in the original Halloween.

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    Posted by Redditor u/Isaac99e:

    In Bride of Chucky, the evidence locker held many historic horror relics including Jason’s mask, Freddie’s glove, and Michael Myers's mask.

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    Posted by a Redditor:

    The Ring (2002) - Easter egg in the DVD menu. If you click up until your cursor is no longer visible, then hit enter, your remote is temporarily disabled and the “Cursed” video will play. When it concludes, you only regain control of the remote after a phone rings twice.

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    Posted by Redditor u/Celestial_Inferno:

    In The Exorcist (1973), Max von Sydow plays an elderly priest. As Sydow was only 44, it took them four hours in makeup every time so he’d look old enough. They did such a good job he had trouble finding work after because everyone thought he was too old.

    He died March 8, 2020, at 90.