12 Horror Movies That Got People Jailed, Punished, or Officially Investigated

Gruesome murder. Illegal trespassing. Moral indecency. Child Endangerment. Animal cruelty. What sound like plot points for a slasher flick or the rap sheet of a fledgling serial killer are actually some of the accusations made against those who make and show horror films. Regardless of whether the alleged perpetrators were proven innocent or guilty, a number of people have suffered serious consequences for involvement with scary movies. 

More than any other genre, scary movies have a way of getting under your skin, because they explore humanity's evil instincts and taboo desires. They cause controversy and tension wherever they film and whenever they air. But what happens when the separation between real and reel gets hazy? For some, involvement with film's most notorious genre meant jail time, convictions, and punishments. After all, if there's one thing Scream 3 revealed to us (other than how thankful we should be for Scream and Scream 2), it's that sometimes the weirdest and wildest things happen after the director yells cut.

Read on to learn about the most controversial horror movies, and, in some cases, horror movies that resulted in jail time for those involved.