Horror Movies That Need To Be Remade

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Remakes, reboots, reimaginings, requels - whatever you want to call them - they're always a controversial subject within the horror community. Sometimes we love our flawed little fright flicks, warts and all. They might not be perfect, but they have their unique charms that separate them from their highly polished, high-budget brethren. Remakes of the scary movies we've grown to love can go wrong, but nostalgia can also be blinding. Sometimes there's no denying that a redo is in order.

And it's not always fans clamoring for remakes, either. Sometimes filmmakers themselves shun their own movies and embrace (and sometimes produce) the idea of a proper remake. Maybe they felt the original was a doomed project from the get-go due to the lack of a proper script or a budget that allowed them to fully realize their vision. Even the late Wes Craven was behind the remakes of his very own The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on the Left, which both actually turned out pretty good. Still, fans will often debate (and never fully agree) if these revamps were necessary in the first plac - after all, movies are subjective - but remakes can surpass the originals. A prime example might be John Carpenter's The Thing, which is actually a remake of 1951's The Thing From Another World. Or perhaps David Cronenberg's The Fly, which is a remake of 1958's The Fly. See? Makeovers aren't always bad.

This list contains films that could potentially result in remakes that are leaps and bounds better than their original (in the right hands, of course). Now, no one is saying the films below are bad, either. While some might be seen as pure B-movie trash, most of them are quite good but either never had the proper resources to "go big" or were just bogged down by outdated themes and effects. Some have serious franchise potential, while others, quite simply, feature memorable horror mascots who are worthy of a resurgence.

Whether it's a story that's begging for a fresh take under a modern lens, or horribly outdated special effects that are screaming for an update, sometimes there's no denying that a redo is in order. Whatever your reason may be, vote up for the movies you feel have the potential to become strong remakes.