Horror Movies That Scarred You As A Kid But Are In No Way Scary To Watch As An Adult

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Watching horror movies with your friends is a rite of passage for every young person. Many lifelong horror fans were introduced to the genre by catching a clandestine peek at some horror movie designed to illicit cheap scares rather than cause an existential crisis. While these types of films can wreak havoc on developing brains, when you go back to watch them as an adult, you discover a lot of horror movies aren't actually too scary. 

This isn’t to say the horror movies that only scared you as a kid are bad. Some of the greatest horror movies ever made aren’t scary upon a second or third watch, but they’re important nonetheless. Unless you grew up in some kind of nightmare household you probably weren’t watching banned horror movies; no, you were likely hiding behind your hands while you tried to find the courage to power through goofy scarefests like Scream or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Some horror movies just don’t hold up once you move out of your parents house.