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Pretty Good Horror Movies That Make Everyday Activities Terrifying

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Horror movies often turn to hulking, relentless slayers kicking down doors or otherworldly monsters slithering through the darkness to instill fear in audiences, and those methods can undoubtedly be effective. However, it's the universal fears and the small, unspoken but widely shared paranoias that connect people across the globe, and some of the best horror movies - or at least some of the most memorable horror movie moments - come as a result of filmmakers capitalizing on the mundane, everyday nightmares you try not to think about.

Whether it's that creeping unease that comes from walking through an empty parking garage by yourself late at night or the almost primal vulnerability all humans feel when they're asleep or bathing, some truly frightening moments from the annals of horror cinema come from exploiting those common trepidations. Then there are the horror movies that make you afraid of everyday activities that never scared you at all beforehand. Here's a look at a few horror flicks that will make you think twice the next time you do basically anything at all during your day.

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