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Pretty Good Horror Movies That Make You Never Want To Be A Parent

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A really good horror movie can give viewers a phobia. Jaws, for example, made a lot of people afraid to go into the ocean. The Blair Witch Project kept others from going into the woods. Can a horror movie do something more extreme, like making you decide that you never want to be a parent? We'd argue yes, and these titles prove it. 

Whether they're about difficult pregnancies, creepy babies, or vicious kids, these horror films offer up distressing visions of parenthood. Watch them and you'll conceivably second-guess your desire to be a parent. Best of all, each of these movies is pretty good and worth a look. A couple are even better than that, as you'll find several horror classics here.

Of course, being a parent has many rewards. Put one of these on the next time you're in the mood for some horror and you could find yourself opting to bypass those rewards - at least for the duration of the movie. 

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