The Scariest Movies To Watch On Psychedelics

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Before we get into these suggestions for what to watch on psychedelics, perhaps we should take a moment to remind you that watching horror films on mushrooms, acid, LSD, or any other mind bending drugs can be pretty disturbing. Should you choose to embark on such a journey, please make sure you do so in the company of a group of people you trust, lest your trip go terribly wrong.

That being said, if you insist on continuing down this path, here are a list of scary horror movies to watch on psychedelics, some of which come recommended by others who have actually pulled it off. Here you'll find a list of some of the scariest movies to watch on shrooms, LSD, or anything else for that matter. These films will take you to parts of your mind you may or may not have ever wanted to go.

Again, please use caution and make sure you trip responsibly, as nothing is worse than nightmares that may or may not follow you off the screen.

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