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The Best Horror Movies To Watch Stoned

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Ever been high on Halloween and wondered what horror films to watch stoned? Or maybe, while under the influence, you simply found yourself desiring a good spooky movie. Whatever the case, you've come to the right place! Here, you'll find some of the trippiest horror movies to watch on marijuana. These mind-bending films - full of twists, turns, and stunning visual effects made even more captivating by a little Mary Jane - are certain to satiate any stoned horror cravings. 

The scariest movies to watch high include everything from horror classics that don't get nearly enough appreciation (expect perhaps among the stoner crowd). Obscure films like Brain Damage and House will please any high horror junkie. There are also films so inherently disturbing or downright bizarre, you'd almost have to be high to even come up with the ideas. Did a sober person really create the world of Requiem for a Dream, for instance? So fasten your seatbelts, grab some food you'll feel terrible about eating tomorrow, and get ready to check out some of the best high horror movies on the market. 

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    The Thing is a 1982 American science fiction horror film directed by John Carpenter, written by Bill Lancaster, and starring Kurt Russell. The film's title refers to its primary antagonist: a parasitic extraterrestrial lifeform that assimilates other organisms and in turn imitates them. The Thing infiltrates an Antarctic research station, taking the appearance of the researchers that it absorbs, and paranoia develops within the group. The film is based on John W. Campbell, Jr.'s novella Who Goes There?, which was more loosely adapted by Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby as the 1951 film The Thing from Another World. Carpenter considers The Thing to be the first part of his Apocalypse Trilogy,...  more
    • Actors: Kurt Russell, Keith David, John Carpenter, Adrienne Barbeau, Wilford Brimley
    • Released: 1982
    • Directed by: John Carpenter
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    The Shining is a 1980 British-American psychological horror film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, co-written with novelist Diane Johnson, and starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, and Scatman Crothers. The film is based on Stephen King's 1977 novel of the same name, although the film and novel differ in significant ways. In the film, Jack Torrance, a writer and recovering alcoholic, takes a job as an off-season caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel. His young son possesses psychic abilities and is able to see things from the past and future, such as the ghosts who inhabit the hotel. ...  more
    • Actors: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers, Barry Dennen, Barry Nelson
    • Released: 1980
    • Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
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    Tucker & Dave vs. Evil is a 2010 American comedy horror film directed by Eli Craig. Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine), two hillbillies heading to their “fixer-upper” cabin for some relaxin’, are mistaken for killers by a group of clueless college students....  more
    • Actors: Alan Tudyk, Chelan Simmons, Katrina Bowden, Brandon Jay McLaren, Sasha Williams
    • Released: 2010
    • Directed by: Eli Craig
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    Evil Dead II is a 1987 American horror comedy film directed by Sam Raimi, a parody sequel to the 1981 film The Evil Dead. After Ash (Bruce Campbell) discovers an audiotape left by a college professor that contains voices reading from the Book of the Dead, Ash's girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler) becomes possessed by evil spirits that are awakened by the voices on the tape....  more
    • Actors: Bruce Campbell, Kassie DePaiva, Ted Raimi, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Dan Hicks
    • Released: 1987
    • Directed by: Sam Raimi
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