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Horror Movies Adapted Into Broadway And Off-Broadway Musicals

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The horror genre is full of over-the-top characters, wildly imaginative visuals, and characters who feel capital E emotions. Doesn't that just scream Broadway? Big-time musical theater is focused on getting as many butts in seats as possible, something that horror is known for in the film industry. However, the horror genre hasn't had as much success on the Great White Way. That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of amazing Broadway and off-Broadway adaptations of horror movies.

For this collection of horror movies that have been adapted into musicals, we're going to be loose with the term "horror." Sidling up next to bizarro musicals like Human Centipede: The Musical and Evil Dead are camp classics like Heathers and The Toxic Avenger - because what are movies about killer teenagers and vengeance-seeking mad mutants but a form of horror?

Not all of these musical adaptations of horror movies have been entirely successful, but these are all weird enough that we wish we could see them all.