Horror Movies With The Most Satisfying Endings

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Here is a list of horror movies with good endings that are extremely satisfying. Are you looking for a horror movie with a different twist to the ending? Tired of the same old endings to your movies? Browse through our handy list of horror movies with the most satisfying endings so that you can find a new favorite horror movie to watch. Ranked in order of most popular horror movie with satisfying endings to the least popular, you can see which horror movies were considered to have the best endings. You can also vote for your own favorite horror movies so that others can enjoy your favorites as well.

You can also copy and paste from the list to make your own list of horror movies with satisfying endings. Endings to scary movies don’t have to be the same to provide a great experience. Sometimes it is the movies with a twist that are the most memorable. And, with horror movies, these endings make for an even scarier story. Whether you prefer sad endings or happy endings, there are movies on this list to satisfy every preference.

Pick out a few new horror movies from the top of the list to watch for the first time on Halloween. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a fright-filled night of twisted horror movies, some with the scariest movies endings in Hollwyood, and movies you’ve never watched before to provide the best new scares.

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