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Horror Fans Reveal The Movies They Hate That Everyone Else Loves

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The horror genre is obviously no stranger to negative criticism, but the harshest reviews do tend to come from outside its community of dedicated fans. What's really rare and interesting is when those who watch scary movies on the daily admit they don't like the typical genre darlings. 

Sometimes it's because the movie is overhyped and expectations are set too high, sometimes there's one annoying element that distracts from everything else that's good, and sometimes it's just not their cup of tea. But all of these fans have something interesting to say about why they actually hated these "universally loved" horror films.

Do you agree with their arguments? Vote up the movies you think aren't nearly as good as everyone makes them out to be, and vote down if you think the criticism is crazy!

  • Posted by u/horror_threadkiller:

    After seeing a lot of recent mentions regarding Suspiria... I decided to revisit it. It had been a good decade since I'd seen it last and remembered not being fond of it. Not only was I still not fond of it the second time around, I actually found I really disliked it. Here's why:

    The voice dubbing/unnatural audio was distracting and made dialogue seem extremely unnatural. The whole scene where the psychologist is explaining witchcraft felt ridiculous. That's a huge confidentiality breach to tell that kind of information about your client. Not to mention his explanation sounded like something out of a high school textbook. Just unnatural sounding.

    The gore was so overdone and gratuitous it had more of a horror comedy vibe than anything. After the first scene I legitimately googled "Is Suspiria a comedy" and was surprised to find it wasn't.

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  • Midsommar
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    Posted by u/throwaway23er56uz:

    Kept thinking of Wicker Man. The visitor characters were either unlikeable or not developed properly as characters. There was a lot of howling and wailing and dancing around in those weird white outfits, which got annoying pretty quickly.

    45 mins to 1 hr could have been cut easily to give the movie a faster pace. Most of the magic mushroom scene, a lot of the elder [offing], a lot of the singing and dancing and eating could have been removed. Alternatively, the visitor characters could have been developed more.

    I'd rather see the Wicker Man remake. At least it has Nic Cage in it.

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    • Posted by u/sticklebackridge:

      I think it was overhyped, and incorrectly categorized by many as a horror movie, it’s more of a thriller. I agree that the end was a let down, the whole climax and resolution felt rushed and a little too convenient... social commentary is on point, but I don’t really feel compelled to see it again.

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        Posted by anonymous:

        Completely misses the point of the book. The jump scares weren’t scary, Pennywise wasn’t creepy, and his antics were more laughable than frightening. The environment wasn’t captured correctly, and the CGI was bad. The damsel in distress and Kiss of Life stuff they pulled with Beverly was just terrible. Only thing they really nailed was the casting. I never understood the praise it got and it won’t hold up well in 5 years at all.

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